Nicole Bahls, Blue Bikini

Nicole Bahls is super hot, end of story. Life must be real good if you are hottie in Brazil…all you fatties out there take some notes. If you are fat, loose some weight so you’ll look better and get some attention. BTW, I’m moving to Brazil.


Aubrey O’Day Busts Out

Aubrey O’Day is a train wreck but that’s okay because when girls go nuts they in turn end up for show more skin. In Aubrey’s case she doesn’t necessarily show more skin but instead she insists in squeezing all of her bits and pieces into a dress that is too small for her. We get to stare at her squeezed in boobs and she gets some attention for almost having a nip slip.


Olivia Wilde Looks Great in Blue

Dam, Olivia Wilde is either looking great or looks like a bag of cheese. Luckily for us she decided to put on her hottie face fort the Fox All-Star Party so we get treated to Olivia dressed in blue.


Coco is Here to Wow Us!

Coco, is just unreal. This woman looks so ridiculously unproportion yet if you look at her pics you can’t stop starring.


Amanda Bynes Maxim Pictures

Amanda Bynes covers Maxim! She’s young, cute, sexy and seems like alot of fun. We’ve watched her grow up in the entertainment industry and we will probably continue to see her for years in movies and shows to come. Imagine the Olsen Twins except only one of them and a hell of alot cuter and you have Amanda Bynes.


Tila Tequila Mourns Casey Johnson With Photoshoot in a Tree

Well, you’ve most likely have heard the news about Casey Johnson, the heir to the Johnson & Johnson family fortune, who was found dead recently in her home in Cali. Well you’ve probably also heard that recently Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila recently got engaged. Tila Tequila has taken to her Twitter account and has let everyone know that she is grieving over the loss of her fiance, but pictures from today (1/7/10) may just leave you wondering how much mourning Tila is doing. I mean c’mon if you lost someone you wouldn’t be talking nonstop on Twitter about it and you definitely would’t be posing for pics up in a tree for the paprazzi.


Huge Gallery – Stacy Keibler, Pink Bikini

Stacy Keibler, your favorite actress, model and former professional wrestler hanging out at the beach in Miami in a tiny pink bikini. She gained alot of attention when appearing on Dancing with the Stars but hasn’t done much since. I’m not complaining, if all Stacy Keibler does for the rest of her life is hang out on the beach in a bikini I’d be happy man. Oh and don’t forgot about those gorgeous long legs, coming in at 42 inches long rounds out this tall, blonde and long legged hottie.