Irina Sheik Beach Photos

20-year-old Brazilian supermodel Irina Sheik prancing around on the beach is something I can definitely get used to. I really don’t think they make em around here like they do in Brazil…which means I need to get a 1 way to ticket to travel to the land of Pele and hot chicks with great asses!


Bianca Beauchamp is Hot!


BAM!!! Biance Beauchamp is a fetish and adult model who specializes in glamour, erotic and latex modeling. After seeing some of Bianca’s latex work, I think I could really get into it. Beautiful curves, beautiful face, tight latex all over her body…yep sign me up!


Elaine Alden is Hot!


Dam, Elaine Alden is an aspiring model from Florida looking to do big things. I think she’s already a success because looking at her photos makes me want to give her all my money, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Alexia Lei is Hot!


You know the story…hot chick, import model, go-go dancer, spokesmodel, clothing designer…what can this girl, Alexia Lei, not accomplish? Alexia Lei is not only beautiful but she’s obviously business savvy in that she is not only the spokesperson for KNOXX Gear but she inked a deal with KNOXX for them to sponsor her clothing line. Sounds like a winner to me, plus she’s easy on the eyes!


Kelly Brook Tightly Dressed


Wow, Kelly Brook looks amazing! This is the type of woman I would love to wake up to after a night of ravishing some tacos and beer! (I bet you thought I’d say sex, well that’s a given.)

Love the way she looks in the tight fitting dress, her boobs, ass and legs all look great…plus she’s wearing some furry heel boot things which means she’s up for anything!


Rachael Neiberding is Hot!


Rachael Neiberding may sound like the name of a girl who should be in her parent’s basement playing Dungeons and Dragons but after one look at Rachael you would easily nerd up for the chance to play anything with her. Rachael is an Australian model who has a killer body and is known for her incredible breasts!


Bethany Greenlaw is Hot!

Bethany Greenlaw is a model…and a smokin’ hot one at that! She does club promotions and has worked with many outlets including MPP 06′ Calendar, Biker Bunnies ’06 Calendar (2 layouts):
Harley Davidson Calendar, California Dreams ’07 Calendar, Orlando Style Magazine (Front Cover), USA NATIONAL BIKINI TEAM MISS. APRIL 2006, Savvy Magazine Winner, 944 magazines and Mac and Bumble.

Needless to say Bethany Greenlaw knows she’s hot and she shows it.


Shauna Sand Takes Her Boobs Pumpkin Picking


After seeing Shuana Sand’s showing some skin, I think every dad that was dragged along to the pumpkin patch that day was happy he got out of bed. I don’t think my parents ever took me pumpkin picking nor did any of the kids in my school have moms that looked like Shauna Sand. My pumpkin picking consisted of buying a pumpkin at the grocery store and my Shauna Sand was the lunch lady with bobs so big she couldn’t button the top of her blouse…she wasn’t hot but she did have big boobs.