Pamela Anderson Looks Like a Seal


Baby seals are cute and fuzzy but Pamela looks like ass in her new celebrity PETA campaign. I’m all for hot chicks getting naked to support no fur but I think it’s time for Pamela to stop posing, period. Lately she has been all over just looking desperate…if she leaves now we may all be able to remember hot Pamela and not the old saggy Pamela that has been recently appearing in runway shows.

via TheSuperficial


1 Man 2 Dogs

I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m intrigued. Either it’s the guy’s birthday and the dogs are wearing hats or it’s the dogs birthday and the poor schmuck was forced to wear a birthday hat.

Look at the one dog with it’s paw on the guy’s lap…looks like sexy time to me!



Kourtney Kardashian Shows Her Belly Mountain

Kourtney Kardashian - Big Belly!

WOW! Okay first of all I need to say that out of the three Kardashian sisters I’ve always thought Kim had the prettiest face. Kloe is the monster of the three and Kourtney was the most likely to get some lovin’ from me.

Kourtney may look a little ape-ish at times…but in a cute way. Looking at this pic you can see that the belly is getting big…and Kourtney Kardashian is getting a little wide in the hips. If she gives a natural birth those hips are going to get even wider like whoa!