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Man Washes His Hands in Urinal

May 13, 20100

Man finds yellow water, washes hands first then asks questions.

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Miley Cyrus Booty Shake

May 12, 20100

Miley Cyrus booty dances with 44 year old.

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Mother of All Sundaes, Cold Stone Creamery w/ Every Topping Available

May 11, 20100

The guys from TopCultured took their "Will They Build It" challenge to Cold Stone Creamery and ordered a massive sundae.

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Mr. T Says Treat Your Momma Right

May 9, 20100

Mr. T says shows some respect to your momma!

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Amazing Double Buzzer Beater!

April 30, 20101

With .6 seconds left, Croatia scores. With .4 seconds left, Serbia scores. Crazy!

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Slave Girl Princess Leia Car Wash Equals Nerdgasm

April 29, 20102

G4 sponsored a charity event where Slave Girl Princess Leia's would wash your car to raise money for the Make-a-wish…

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Proof the World is Coming to an End

April 29, 20100

There's an Alligator on the bottom of the ocean!

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Two Man Bicycle Kick, Can You Say Goal?!

April 24, 20100

In a moment that will rival non of those seen in US sports history, two players in the Argentina Primera…

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Asians Do Have Big Dicks – Ginger Parody

April 21, 20101

It's the Asian version of the "Gingers Do Have Souls" video!

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Play Super Mario Kart on Your iPad!

April 7, 20100

This has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in some time. You will have to wait for…

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