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Jessica Jourdan aka Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Jourdan aka Jessica Rabbit looks nothing like the cartoon but we are not complaining. In fact the cartoon Jessica Rabbit teased us like crazy with those huge boobs and tight fitting dress. At least Jessica Jourdan has the decency to give us a peek at some more skin. “High-five!”

Written by Guapo


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  • HI,

    She used to have a myspace called ddblondemodel or jessica rabbit

    Basically she is a trasgender from CT.Wasn’t happy as a boy so had a sex change.

    now lives as a fake woman called jessica jourdan.

    She often lies and tells people that shes not a transexual but a real woman but shes not.

    Neither is Gizel.

    They fool people and work as escorts.

    WWW. gibsonrosemodels.com

    I have nothing against trasexuals but . Its so sad that her and gizel.net fool people and deny what they are.

    • el guapo Post author on

      Hmm, do you have any proof? These are some pretty intense claims and although they may be true, they are still just claims. Unless I see some close up of her man hands or some before and after pics I’m sticking with thinking Jessica Jourdan is a chick.

      p.s – I really hope you are just making this all up.

  • Im not sure if she is a tranny but Its pretty well known in the NYC area that she is in fact an escort.
    If you check that link above shes one of the highest paid.

  • Just ask Jed Hill. She was faking it to him and once he found out he dumped her. She is notorious for being a transsexual. Has had many surgeries, just like Gizel. Both work for Gibson Rose Models. Jessica aka Jamiee Guerrero or Jamie Love, every time you confront her she ends up changing her name….She is beautiful but she is all plastic.


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