Man Grooming Part 3: Upper Torso

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Guys, we forget that we need to look good too. This is especially true if your single and trying to lure a girl back to your place for some body rockin, so all this week will be working together to clean you up from the ground up.

Man Grooming Part 3: Upper Torso

The upper part of a man’s body has 3 general regions and 2 issues, odor and hair.


Returning to the idea that women want different things, dealing with chest hair can be difficult. Some woman might like touching a dudes chest hair while others might like a guy with no chest hair.

If your single and looking to hook up chances are you might want to keep the chest hair to a minimum. Same idea, would you rather hook up with a girl rocking the Afro bush or a landing strip? You would probably do both but one would leave a bab taste in your mouth.

If you have no chest hair but you have hairy nipples, get rid of it. Your nipples probably look like a jellyfish with strands of hair flying everywhere. Chicks won’t dig it and they’ll probably tell their friends, least so I’ve heard.


Personal groomer ala thePhilips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System. Everyone has hairy pits, you’d look like a tool if you shaved them off so just keep them trimmed…especially if you suffer from gorilla hair syndrome.


Again the products like the Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System are designed specifically for trimming hair all over your body.

Although reaching around to get every corner of your back will be difficult there are specialty products designed just for this job. Check out the ManGroomer which features an adjustable/extendable handle that “Lets you reach all areas of your back.”


A bar of soap used to do the trick but in today’s world you have a plethora of options.

Body washes are no longer female only. If you spend anytime watching TV or masturbating surfing the Internet you probably know the term “I’m on a horse.” Old Spice has been putting out some great commercials for thier body wash.

Axe has a complete line of products meant to make you smell good but they also have a complete line to keep you clean. Don’t forget Axe wants you to have clean balls, no really the Axe Detailer is the perfect product for scrubbing.

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Over at The Axe Effect you can get the complete rundown of products and the results. From Shower Gels to Shampoo & Conditioner you should be able to scrub yourself clean.

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