Man Grooming Part 3: Upper Torso

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Guys, we forget that we need to look good too. This is especially true if your single and trying to lure a girl back to your place for some body rockin, so all this week will be working together to clean you up from the ground up.

Man Grooming Part 3: Upper Torso

The upper part of a man’s body has 3 general regions and 2 issues, odor and hair.


Returning to the idea that women want different things, dealing with chest hair can be difficult. Some woman might like touching a dudes chest hair while others might like a guy with no chest hair.

If your single and looking to hook up chances are you might want to keep the chest hair to a minimum. Same idea, would you rather hook up with a girl rocking the Afro bush or a landing strip? You would probably do both but one would leave a bab taste in your mouth.

If you have no chest hair but you have hairy nipples, get rid of it. Your nipples probably look like a jellyfish with strands of hair flying everywhere. Chicks won’t dig it and they’ll probably tell their friends, least so I’ve heard.


Personal groomer ala thePhilips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System. Everyone has hairy pits, you’d look like a tool if you shaved them off so just keep them trimmed…especially if you suffer from gorilla hair syndrome.


Again the products like the Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System are designed specifically for trimming hair all over your body.

Although reaching around to get every corner of your back will be difficult there are specialty products designed just for this job. Check out the ManGroomer which features an adjustable/extendable handle that “Lets you reach all areas of your back.”


A bar of soap used to do the trick but in today’s world you have a plethora of options.

Body washes are no longer female only. If you spend anytime watching TV or masturbating surfing the Internet you probably know the term “I’m on a horse.” Old Spice has been putting out some great commercials for thier body wash.

Axe has a complete line of products meant to make you smell good but they also have a complete line to keep you clean. Don’t forget Axe wants you to have clean balls, no really the Axe Detailer is the perfect product for scrubbing.

– Watch more free videos

Over at The Axe Effect you can get the complete rundown of products and the results. From Shower Gels to Shampoo & Conditioner you should be able to scrub yourself clean.

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Man Grooming Part 2: Down There aka Lower Torso

This article is part of a series of Man Grooming advice articles. See our related Man Grooming articles:
Man Grooming Part 1: Your Nasty Feet

Guys, we forget that we need to look good too. This is especially true if your single and trying to lure a girl back to your place for some body rockin, so all this week will be working together to clean you up from the ground up.

Man Grooming Part 2: “Down there.” aka Lower Torso

Just to make sure we are all on the same page we are talking about the part of the body that is below the belly button and above your thighs. With that said there’s several thoughts on ManScaping your groin area and thoughts on butt hair removal.

Shave it All Off

Gillette released a video explaining the ins and out of how to properly shave your nether region. Wether or not baby smooth is something you should go for…you may want to listen to what woman have to say on the subject in terms of wether or not they like their men to take it all off. Asylum wrote a piece called Gillette Wants You to Shave Your Junk, Women Disagree in which most women were against men shaving it all off.

Keri, 25, nutritionist: “I try to keep my laws off other people’s bodies, but I will say that a totally shaved johnson bears an unsettling resemblance to a rubber chicken.”


This is most common answer that women give when asked if their man should shave down there. The truth is that keeping your pubes trimmed is easy since all you have to do is purchase any electric grooming tool aka beard trimmer. There are even products now designs specifically for your groin and underarm area, just check out the Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System which is designed to trim any hair on whatever part of your body.

Also, with a trimmer you won’t have to worry too much about cuts since you aren’t going directly against the skin and you wouldn’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or itchy skin as your hair grows back. Penthouse Magazine also interviewed several women(Taint Love – Girl Talk) who all agreed that men should stay somewhat clean as well wrote an article about Taint Love. Most woman agreed that a cleaner, groomed area will result in a greater possibility of a greater BJ.

“I prefer a man who grooms, hands down. I don’t need ornately sculpted pubic hair, but the effort that a man displays in his upkeep intimates how focused he’ll be in pleasing me. Plus, who wants a long scraggly hair in their mouth? Not I.”
—Brandi, San Francisco

Au Natural

Doing nothing. This probably works only if you woman also goes for the au natural look. If your woman rocks the full on afro-bush then she probably doesn’t mind if you do as well. This probably means that any face in crotch usually turns into a mess as well body hair traps in body odor. Be warned.

The A-Hole

Guys have butt hair. Guys have crack hair. Should you remove all the hair in your crack? Probably not. Is there ever a reason to wax your butt crack so that you have no trace of hair whatsoever? Not sure but just imagine the following.

If you live anywhere in the world were you sweat there’s always a chance that your butt sweats as well. The hair in your crack acts like a blocker to stop sweat from running from your butt crack down to your boxers. If you remove all the hair from your crack you essentially create a river bed of possible butt sweat which will allow the sweat to run freely down. Nobody wants a soggy crack so it’s probably wise to leave it alone. Also don’t forget that the hair will grow back eventually. If you ever had itchy hair growing back due to shaving, I wouldn’t want to know what butt crack hair feels like when it grows back.

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Miley Cyrus Plays Twister…with Some Old Dudes

If you heard there were pics of Miley Cyrus playing Twister your mind probably first goes to an image of a bunch of girls giggling and playing Twister. Unfortunately that’s not the case, replace the bunch of girls with a bunch of old bald men giggling and you have a disturbing game of Twister.


Shauna Sand Leopard Bikini

Shauna Sand in a leopard bikini in Miami. Clear stripper heels? Yep.


Man Grooming Part 1: Your Nasty Feet

Lets face it, compared to women guys are animals…woman are soft and curvy while guys are rough a pimply. Woman pamper themselves with lotions, massages, naked pillow fight parties and all sorts of other activities that men don’t really care about doing but love when a woman does it.

Guys, we forget that we need to look good too. This is especially true if your single and trying to lure a girl back to your place for some body rockin, so all this week will be working together to clean you up from the ground up.

Man Grooming Part 1: Your Nasty Feet

Crusty toenails.

Get yourself a good pair of toenails clippers ( Tweezerman His Stainless Nail Clipper Set) or even better go all out and purchase a complete grooming kit ( 8pc Manicure Set). Don’t worry not all grooming kits come in silver, if you want a studlier version you may be please to know that ACE has a Nail Grooming Kit that comes in a sleek looking black metal that not only gets the job done but does it with style.

Foot Fungus

“Symptoms of toenail fungus, which can be caused by several types of fungi, include swelling, yellowing, thickening or crumbling of the nail, streaks or spots down the side of the nail, and even complete loss of the nail. Toenail color can vary from brown or yellow to white with this condition.”

If you have any sort of toenail fungus you may want to go to a specialist as soon as possible. If you clip your toenails you could spread the fungus to your other toes or worse…you can even spread that fungus to the nails on your hands. Not a pretty site. If you wish to tackle the problem on your own there are several over the counter options but just make sure you wash your feet on the regular and dry them thoroughly. Damp feet in a pair of shoes is paradise to your fungi. Worst comes to worst your toenail fungus can get so severe that surgical removal of your nail would be recommended, that just doesn’t sounds good so suck it up and see a doctor before you end up having to miss work in order to get your toenails pulled.

Misc. Issues: Foot Odor, Athletes Foot, Hairy Toes etc.

Smelly feet happen, even to Jesus, and that’s why God invented Dr. Scholl’s Foot Powder and Odor-Eaters Foot Powder. It’s also said that you should wear a good quality pair of cotton socks because the better the quality the better job it will do of absorbing foot sweat. If that makes sense someone should invent a 400 count of Egyptian cotton socks! Oh wait a minute…Google says I’m a genius because apparently Egyptian cotton socks do exists. Google Search: Egyptian Cotton Socks

Athlete’s foot, if you didn’t know, is a type of fungus. If your feet have scaling, flaking, itchy feeling, a burning skin feeling, blisters and/or your skin is red and inflamed…you probably have athlete’s foot. Luckily we have access to products such as Lamisil and Lotrimin Ultra Antifungal Cream. You don’t want your feet to sweat so make sure to wear shoe and socks that can breathe and if you are using public showers at the gym, dorm or pool it might be wise to rock the sandals. Woman love it when I’m in the nude only wearing a pair of sandals, shows off my strong manly body yet displays a slight delicate side because…well…I’m nude wearing a pair of sandals.

Toe hair, foot hair come in all shapes and fuzziness. Some guys might have a hair or two on their toes while others may have hairy feet that right out of the Lord of the Rings. Once you start shaving your feet you probably will have to continue for the rest of your life so use discretion. Trim or shave just keep the foot hair under control.

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