Olivia Munn Covers Complex Magazine

Olivia Munn, the nerd goddess of video games, poses for Complex Magazine and geeks everywhere rejoice. Personally these pics are super lame and uber geeky (note the stupid keywords “lame & uber”).

Not sure whose idea this photo set was but don’t be surprised if it was Marc Ecko’s himself who said:

“Hey Olivia is pretty hot, let’s sign her up for a photoshoot. OMFG I’m a genious, let’s shoot Olivia and do a sexy snow white type of theme where she’s in the woods and all the animals are ready to get it on with her. Think the foreplay before bestiality that’s what we’ll do with her…and put her on a unicorn!! Yes, the internet will love it no matter what because all those nerds living in their moms basements love Olivia Munn, why do you think G4 still exists as a channel!”

The end.


Kim Kardashian in a Bikini on a Boat!

Kim Kardashian knows how to work a bikini! I take back anything I might have ever said about this girl being a little dumpy because…well…I’m an idiot. Kim Kardashian in a bikini on a boat in Miami, only thing better would be if she had a twin…and they were both nude making out thinking about me.


Vida Guerra Celebrate’s Her 36th Birthday!

Wow, to tell you the truth I haven’t heard Vida Guerra’s name in awhile but here she is celebrating her 36th Birthday. You remember Vida, her butt gave everyone a heart attack as she stole the spotlight from Jennifer Lopez’ booty. After she landed on the cover of FHM it was all uphill for Vida Guerra. Although too much partying might have taken it’s toll on her face, at least her body still looks great!


Shauna Sand in Miami

Shauna Sand doing what she does best in Miami. Who else is known to wear stripper heels on the beach?! I’m guessing she is seen here with her new flavor of the day, some guy who is closer in age to Shauna Sand’s daughters than Shauna herself. BUT…I have to admit for an older woman she has a pretty decent body!


Getting to Know Michelle Bombshell McGee

All over the news last night came reports of Jesse James cheating on his wife, Sandra Bullock. Who was he seeing on the side? Non other than Michelle Bombshell McGee, who just so happens to be a model for our friends over at SoCal Glamour Girls.

There’s only one place to go for more info about Michelle Bombshell, over at Socal Glamour Girls.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Covers Elle Magazine

No more info is needed. Here is Alessandra Ambrosio looking hot as usual in the March issue of Elle magazine.