Don’t Mess With James Gandolfini

Don’t be stupid, if you see James Gandolfini in the streets…give him room, admire him from afar and call it a day.

You are not his friend, you don’t know him, you may have seen every season of The Sopranos but he does not want to be your friend! Just leave the dude alone.

James Gandolfini was spotted in NYC Trick or Treating with his family, he spots a paparazzi and lets the pap know exactly what he thinks about the camera taping his every move.

James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini


Shayne Lamas Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday


What do you get when your daddy is Lorenzo Lamas and your ex-Step Mom is Shauna Sands? Well you may end up with a Shayne Lamas who at 22 seems ready to give the world a peek at what’s up her skirt. Shayne Lamas is an attractive girl but consider you have to get naked to get some attention I give this girl a year or 2 before we either see a sex tape, upskirt with no panties or a Playboy appearance. Of course I will not hold her back from fulfilling her dreams.


Mariah Carey is a Beached Whale



Mariah Carey on a beach doing her best Free Willy impression. Pretty face…meh okay. Great body…yea not so much. I guess by talking bad about Mariah I will now get assassinated by Nick Cannon…luckily for me his assaults come in the form of rapping in which I can fart better tunes and spit better lyrics than he can so no worries!


Redskin’s Cheerleader Cured!

Okay, from now on whenever I see a story about a kid flying away in a balloon or see some cheerleader crip walking down the sidewalk after getting a flu shot I’m going to go with my first instinct of BS.

If anyone can tell me how this woman went from mumbling and shaking to now being able to talk to us again I’m all ears.


Crazy Woman’s Soccer Player

This girl gets elbowed in the stomach and then all hell breaks loose. She’s punching, doing bad tackles, pulling hair, kicking people, throwing other girls around etc. in other words, if for some reason you went to watch a woman’s soccer match, this was the match to be at.


Britney Spears Nips Go South


Man I used to think Britney Spears was a little hottie when she first came out. Then again she was still in her prime and this was way before she pumped out some kids. I highly doubt Britney Spears breast fed any of her kids so there should really be no reason for her nips to sag like they been sucked on by baby llamas some quick surgery can get those babies pointing the right direction!

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