Marisa Miller American Bombshell Supports Our Troops

Marisa Miller is a beautiful woman and now she’s immortalized as a pinup in a set of ads for Harley Davidson. She looks great and it’s for a great cause, I could look at her all day.


Irina Sheik Beach Photos

20-year-old Brazilian supermodel Irina Sheik prancing around on the beach is something I can definitely get used to. I really don’t think they make em around here like they do in Brazil…which means I need to get a 1 way to ticket to travel to the land of Pele and hot chicks with great asses!


Bianca Beauchamp is Hot!


BAM!!! Biance Beauchamp is a fetish and adult model who specializes in glamour, erotic and latex modeling. After seeing some of Bianca’s latex work, I think I could really get into it. Beautiful curves, beautiful face, tight latex all over her body…yep sign me up!


SeaLine Urban Backpack


The SeaLine Urban Backpack is made to keep whatever you carry completely dry. SeaLine is a company that creates bags specifically for canoeing and kayaking and they have used the same technology and material to release an urban backpack.

No more wet papers from a soggy material backpack, the SeaLine Urban Backpack is made to be completely water proof at a cost of $110(small) or $120(large).

via SeaLine


Elaine Alden is Hot!


Dam, Elaine Alden is an aspiring model from Florida looking to do big things. I think she’s already a success because looking at her photos makes me want to give her all my money, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Hit the G-Spot with GThrust

I have no issues bringing woman to complete ecstasy but if you have trouble finding that perfect spot on a woman you can always try the GThrust. This device gets strap around your girl’s ankle and then you push off from the board that lays in between her legs.

The GThrust is so easy to use they made an instructional video for it! Doesn’t sound like something that would work but it sure beats putting your girlfriend in the pile driver position.