Kelly Brook Tightly Dressed


Wow, Kelly Brook looks amazing! This is the type of woman I would love to wake up to after a night of ravishing some tacos and beer! (I bet you thought I’d say sex, well that’s a given.)

Love the way she looks in the tight fitting dress, her boobs, ass and legs all look great…plus she’s wearing some furry heel boot things which means she’s up for anything!


Rachael Neiberding is Hot!


Rachael Neiberding may sound like the name of a girl who should be in her parent’s basement playing Dungeons and Dragons but after one look at Rachael you would easily nerd up for the chance to play anything with her. Rachael is an Australian model who has a killer body and is known for her incredible breasts!


No Sleep? Put Kush Between Your Breasts

So…we’ve seen some pretty silly things like the blanket with arms or the glove that you wear to pet your cat that collects all the fur…well this takes the cake.

Can’t sleep? Toss and turn all night? Do you have a C-cup or larger?

If you answered YES to any of the above then there is a product out there specifically created to offer you the in-between support you need to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. This device fits snuggly between your ample breasts and magically lets you get the rest you deserve.

If you are smaller than a C-cup, I’m sorry ladies but apparently your boobs are not bug enough to have the NEED for boob support but I’m sure you can find something similar to put in there. Actually I’m sure most ladies can find something (maybe in that drawer next to the bed under your lingerie) to put in between your breasts to truly experience some beauty sleep.

PS – Who names their product KUSH…Kush is slang for Weed…marketing #fail.


Bethany Greenlaw is Hot!

Bethany Greenlaw is a model…and a smokin’ hot one at that! She does club promotions and has worked with many outlets including MPP 06′ Calendar, Biker Bunnies ’06 Calendar (2 layouts):
Harley Davidson Calendar, California Dreams ’07 Calendar, Orlando Style Magazine (Front Cover), USA NATIONAL BIKINI TEAM MISS. APRIL 2006, Savvy Magazine Winner, 944 magazines and Mac and Bumble.

Needless to say Bethany Greenlaw knows she’s hot and she shows it.