Bar Refaeli and the Guidos

Sounds like a bad band name but Bar Refaeli and the Guidos actually got together, yes the situation actually happened.(No pun intended)

It’s bad enough that the cast of The Jersey Shore is an enormous hit but now the guys of The Jersey Shore are posing with Bar Refaeli.


Bar Refaeli: 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos

Several months ago we got treated to behind the scenes TwitPics of Bar Refaeli posing in some sexi bikinis. Well now we get to see the final results of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with these hot pics of Bar Refaeli. She may not have landed the cover but she definitely deserves the recognition for being in the magazine.


Bar Refaeli for Rampage Magazine

Bar Refaeli doing what she does best, sitting around in a bikini looking hot as hell.


Bar Refaeli, Lingerie

Bar Refaeli shpwing off her amazing curves in some sexy lingerie.


Bar Refaeli Twitter Pics


Thanks to Twitter and to @MJ_Day, Senior Associate Editor at Sports Illustrated, we have gotten a peek into the Bar Rafaeli Swim Suit pictorial. Sport Illustrated is know for it’s annual Swim Suit Issue and from the looks of these pics, this year will be sure to please!