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Girl Falls in Mall Fountain While Texting

January 15, 20110

This girl is a multitasking fail. She got soaked but hey look on the brite side at least she didn't…

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Pug Puppy vs Ball

January 4, 20110

Ah yes the energy and fearlessness of being a puppy. Sometimes you have to watch out because those inanimate objects…

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Katy Perry With No Makeup

January 2, 20110

So this is what Katy Perry looks like in the morning with no make-up on! Yeah, I'm guessing Russel got…

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NY Sanitation Workers Stuck in Snow, Hit SUV

December 27, 20100

Unfortunately one bull dozer got stuck in the snow, but luckily there was a tow truck there to pull the…

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Manswers: What Candy Guarantees You’ll Be Eating Beaver

December 1, 20100

There's only one candy in the world that guarantees beaver!!

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Australian Rugby Player Joel Monaghan Gets Doggie Head

November 7, 20100

Yeah I don't know who Joel Monaghan is either but he plays for the Canberra Raiders. Oh yeah, he also…

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Sweden Does Not Have Talent

November 7, 20100

Sweden's Got Talent...well at least the female judge is a hottie.

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Man Doesn’t Want to Get Married, What Else is New

July 19, 20100

Poor guy...beat up and forced to marry his girlfriend...better him than me!!

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Epic Dance Grind Fail

July 12, 20100

Dance off gone wrong when the guy send his girlfriend launching into the crowd.

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Man Tries to Take-Touch World Cup

July 11, 20100

An unidentified man, gets taken down by security after trying to approach the World Cup trophy, lesson learned.

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