Katie Couric Sexy Booty Shake


Katie Couric celebrates her debut as an anchor for CBS News by doing what she does best, shakes her ass! These are old FaceBook photos that Katie’s daughter posted and apparently the story behind it is that Katie Couric planned this dance routine out with her daughters. Planned or not Katie Couric is looking a little hot in these booty dance pics…makes you wonder if she can make it clap.


Shauna Sand Promotes Sex Tape with Wall Poster

Originally Shauna Sand denied having any sex tape, please no one believed her. Then she claimed to be taking legal action, no one cared. Now, Shauna Sand is on the street corner pimping the cover to her sex tape…with a wall poster!

Shauna Sand knows how to work the streets, in clear stripper shoes of course, like a pro so now she carries a huge black bag filled with promo material for her sex tape. Okay…I’ve spent too much time on this woman.


Katie Price Quits I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Katie Price 01

Katie Price quit the show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2 weeks early as she was basically being tortured. Every week viewers get to call in and choose who gets to compete in ridiculous tasks like eating live worms and stupid similar things. Considering this former glamour model has huge boobs and probably flaunts them on TV every week it sucks that she left the show, but then again we have the internet…if you want to see Katie Price, Google her.


Shauna Sands Dresses Down, Forgets Bra


Shauna Sands finally dresses down(aka covers up a little) for a night out but forgets to wear a bra. Granted the flash from the photographers easily makes her top see through but if I saw her out and about I wouldn’t be able to stop starring. If you have boobs like that and a shirt that tight I will look…even if you face is busted.


Aubrey O’Day in Maxim


Aubrey O’Day, she sang for Diddy, got nude for Playboy and now is all wet in Maxim. She’s a crazy bitch but I’d still let her hold it.


Alessandra Ambrosio & Ana Beatriz in GQ UK


Holy crap, Victoria’s Secret models, Alessandra Ambrosio & Ana Beatriz in GQ UK (December 2009) look absolutely amazing!!


Joanna Krupa Host at Jet, Las Vegas

Model Joanna Krupa, in Vegas hosting at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel, looking hot as ever. She’s currently sexing it up on Dancing with the Stars and will be taking it off in the December Issue of Playboy!


Marisa Miller Teaches Bikini Posing


Thank God for woman like Marisa Miller, she takes time out of her busy schedule to teach the girls on America’s Next Top Model how to pose on the beach in their bikinis! I would definitely pay attention in class if Marisa Miller was my teacher.


Chantelle Houghton Has Got Talent


UK chick…check. Okay face…check. Big mother fuckin tits so big that if you went to motor boat them you could suffer from whiplash…check.

Chantelle Houghton is a UK glamour model best known for her…can you guess…her breasts.

I say good for her, at least she is working and putting those boobs to good use at the moment and not letting guys see them for a dollar.


Shayne Lamas Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday


What do you get when your daddy is Lorenzo Lamas and your ex-Step Mom is Shauna Sands? Well you may end up with a Shayne Lamas who at 22 seems ready to give the world a peek at what’s up her skirt. Shayne Lamas is an attractive girl but consider you have to get naked to get some attention I give this girl a year or 2 before we either see a sex tape, upskirt with no panties or a Playboy appearance. Of course I will not hold her back from fulfilling her dreams.