Coco’s Crotch Hits Twitter Like KAPOW!

We’ve seen plenty of TwitPics and TweetPhotos from celebs. From Kim Kardashian and Adrianne Curry to Olivia Munn and Demi Moore BUT no one, absolutely no one does pics on Twitter like Coco!

Coco Tweeted earlier that she was getting waxed but unfortunately TweetPhoto took the photo down, probably because Coco’s is covered only by a small amount of cloth, but by “The Power of Gray Skull!!” we have the photo!!

This bud’s for you Mr. Ice T…oh and BTW don’t worry we love your acting on Law and Order, big fans. (insert fist bump)


Tila Tequila Performs at Greenhouse

Tila Tequila was at Greenhouse doing her thing…you know, the usual. Dressed in skimpy outfits, boobs falling out and yes she performed her single “I Love my DJ” which I’m guessing sounds like every other pop song out there.


Tila Tequila Strips, Doesn’t Take Anything Off

If you are looking for some attention while in NYC why not invite some photogs to a place where you will be stripping? Even better why not fool everyone to thinking that you dancing around in lingerie is worth watching. Well she did it again, here’s Tila Tequila making something out of nothing…which is why we are writing about her.