Karina Smirnoff Nude for PETA


Ah yes, Karina Smirnoff one of the sexy dancers from Dancing with the Stars. I’m sure Karina wore many a fur coats in the Ukraine but here in America it’s good to show support for those helpless furry animals that get killed for their coat of fur. Im sure PETA didn’t have a hard time persuading Katrina, all they had to do was tell her Pamela did it.

Anyways, Katrina Smirnoff looks great in the buff, wonder how against fur she is with her personal hygiene.


Rihanna is a Street Walker


Hmm, if you saw this on the street you would ask yourself…”I wonder how much for a good time.” If you were a girl, you’d probably say “What a whore!” (Girls are catty that way…) Funny to think that this girl showing her booty in a tight mini skirt and hooker boots is non other than Rihanna…hot!


Pamela Anderson and Her 42 Year Old Boobs


Ah, the iconic Pamela Anderson at Malibu beach in a bikini. A scenario that we all can picture in our head…but in the picture in our head we do not picture a 42 year old Pamela Anderson, we picture a much younger, much tighter Pamela Anderson.

I have to admit, her boobs look pretty good…and for 42 I have to give her some credit. Must be hard to be a sex icon who was always showing skin to a aging sex icon who is always showing skin. At least we can confirm that when she is 62 year old those boobs of hers will still be up begging for attention although she needs to start wearing tops that fit just a little better, we’ve all seen them and more.

Via TheDailyFix


Megan Fox Jennifer’s Body Premiere

Megan Fox

Consider this the obligatory Megan Fox post. Here’s is Megan Fox at the premiere of Jennifer’s Body in which the talk of the town is the girl on girl kiss. I don’t know about you but a movie about a possessed cheerleader who goes around eating guys doesn’t sound like a good movie at all. Written by Diablo Cody, starring Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody and Johnny Simons…we’ll see how great this movie does as it’s Megan’s first lead role.

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