1 week – Ecuador/Galapagos or Madeira?

I’m planning to travel for a week/little over a week starting around Sept 20. I’m torn between Galapagos Islands and Madeira and need some input!

What I’m looking for:
Great, fresh, local food, especially food unique to the culture

Snorkeling, strong preference for reefs/a somewhat different experience biodiversity-wise from the Caribbean

Great forested/jungle-y/rainforest-y hiking, maybe caves – would like to see interesting animals and plants

Unique experiences, esp. cultural or nature related

Not super touristy, but guided tours/experiences available to book/ability to navigate being there with english and/or limited spanish

Nice weather, prefer not super hot

Nature reserves and the like, and accommodations in them or near them, are a plus

Beaches are not really important to me but really cool and interesting beaches are a plus
Cheap costs are a plus

Safety and walkability/ability to easily use public transport are of utmost importance, safety in particular.

Can anyone give me info about their experiences in either or both, or help steer me towards the better fit?

1 week – Ecuador/Galapagos or Madeira?