19F Solo Trip to Egypt

Hello, I’m planning a solo trip to Egypt this December . My plan is to go to Luxor then Cairo and maybe Alexandria .

A bit of background:

As cliche as this may sound, seeing the pyramids have been on my bucket list since I was in 3rd grade. Since then I have taken two solo trips: I went backpacking in Spain for a month when I was 14 and to Japan when I was 12. Both trips have had their fair share of complications but all turned out to be great and fortunately I have come back in one piece.

I have been going through some what of a mental crisis and I’ve remembered that those solo trips have always helped me clear my head and rediscover myself as a person. I was able to meet new people and see myself in a different perspective.

My budget is around 1000USD and I plan to stay in hostels in Luxor and Alexandria, but sleep at a local friend’s place in Cairo. I’ve done some calculations after research and estimated the budget. I don’t plan on buying anything or signing up for a travel package because I’ve not done so in my previous travels. How realistic do you feel this is?

Could anyone share their experiences in travelling solo, specifically without a tour guide or any guide for that matter? How safe is it to simply roam around in and outside the cities? Lastly, what would you say was your best takeaway from your trip to Egypt?


Edit: I live in the Middle East and have a pretty good understanding of Islamic culture/values

19F Solo Trip to Egypt