1st Trip in Thailand Extended, Desperate for Itinerary Advice

Hi friends,

Crossposting from r/ThailandTourism. I’ve been on a solo trip in Thailand for 18 days, absolutely loving it, and just extended my trip by 11 days but having a really hard time figuring out how to spend the additional time. I’m currently in Krabi at Railay Beach and was hoping to find an experienced traveler or Thai here who’s good enough at English to get advice from but I haven’t had much luck, so I’m turning to this awesome sub. I am so hard up for advice I would be more than willing to PayPal a knowledgeable person if they’d be willing to exchange PMs about the matter.

Here’s where I’ve been so far:

* 3 days Bangkok

* 2 days Chiang Rai

* 5 days Chiang Mai

* 3 days south Phuket

* 4 days Krabi

Here’s roughly what I was thinking:

* 7/9 – Krabi

* 7/10 – North Phuket

* 7/11 – North Phuket

* 7/12 – Koh Samui

* 7/13 – Koh Samui

* 7/14 – ???

* 7/15 – ???

* 7/16 – ???

* 7/17 – Bangkok

* 7/18 – Ayutthaya

* 7/19 – Bangkok

My big question is if its worth it to go to the full moon party on 7/15. I wasn’t really interested in it as I’m in my early 30s and understand their heyday has long passed, and I’m not great at meeting people due to my fear of being perceived as the “creepy older guy” but I also understand it could be a particularly good party coming right after Asahna Bucha day on 7/13, and it is probably my only chance I’ll ever get to attend. I’ve been to many raves before, fwiw.

If the full moon party is beat, would it still be worthwhile to travel to Koh Samui? It’s the only major area I haven’t been. I’m not interested in scuba diving for what it’s worth, though I’m still searching for a great snorkeling experience . If not Koh Samui, I was thinking I could spend a few more days in Bangkok and maybe travel to Kanchanaburi or Lopburi. Or maybe head back north to Chiang Mai and fly to Siam Reap for a couple days??? Ahhhh so many choices.

If anyone is willing to weigh in I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate it. And feel free to take me up on the PM offer!

Thank you all.

1st Trip in Thailand Extended, Desperate for Itinerary Advice