2-4 weeks in one location?

Hi all,

Really appreciative of this community, I haven’t embarked on a journey yet but have learned a lot!

I’m looking for recommendations for a European destination where I could go for a short while, sort of like 2-4 weeks. I really want to get a glimpse of living in a new city while getting to see the sights at a more relaxed pace — I enjoy looking around museums on just about anything, and love a bit of nature. It’s my first solo trip so very keen to hear any recommendations!

I have been thinking of Stockholm as I have heard very good things about the city, but am aware it is quite expensive, and am kind of worried it might get a tad lonely. I’m not really sure how to go about making friends while travelling, so any insights would also be a blessing.

Sorry if this is kind of long and unfocused, I’m equal parts excited and nervous I think!

2-4 weeks in one location?