2 Days in Nice or Budapest

Hi everyone, I have an opportunity to spend 2 nights in either Nice/Monaco or Budapest. I understand that the south of France and Budapest are completely different experiences but I am really unsure which one I would rather go to.

I am a 21M and this will be my first time in Europe. Currently, my trip includes Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris and was looking for a 6th destination between visiting Barcelona and Rome .

On one hand Budapest would provide amazing architecture and cheap food and drinks and a great nightlife. On the other hand, I feel like exploring Monaco and the small villages around Nice will have a distinct charm that won’t be replicated by any of the bigger cities I am visiting. The nightlife in the other cities I am visiting may not be up to par with Budapest but I’d still be doing plenty of it.

I would be arriving on Monday morning and leaving Wednesday morning, which is also making me second guess Budapest a little.

It is basically a coin-toss at the moment so I was hoping someone could help me settle this.

2 Days in Nice or Budapest