24M Want your thoughts on 4 week birthday solo travel plans

I’m thinking about doing a ~4 week solo travel for my birthday this September. I’ve always been quite socially reserved and my job is wfh; so my main thing is that I want this trip to be a chance to improve my social skills by interacting with lots of other people.

At this stage, what’s set is

* Sydney -> Vancouver to start the trip. Stay ~1 week. Have relatives and been there before. Probs get a hostel in Gastown for the first few days then go from there.
* 1-2 weeks in the US.
* LAX -> Singapore in business on the evening of my birthday, touching down as the F1 GP weekend starts.
* 1-2 weeks in Singapore.

The main decision point is how to spend the 1-2 weeks in the states. The two options are

* Vancouver -> Toronto -> NY -> Miami -> Austin. All places I haven’t been before.
* Spend 1-2 weeks on the west coast. Starting in a hostel and then just going from there. I’ve been to LA and Vegas multiple times before and am quite comfortable playing poker. Also have the contacts of some cool people I met last times.

I want to meet and interact with other travellers and locals. I hope that I can improve socially and gain something that I can take back to my normal life.

Anyone have any city/activity recommendations and/or advice for me?

24M Want your thoughts on 4 week birthday solo travel plans