40 days in Georgia and Armenia – advice welcome

Hi everyone, so I recently bought the airplane tickets for 40 days on Caucasus . I’m a Croatian student who speaks English, but also a fair amount of Russian and some Armenian . Unfortunately, I only have a very rudimentary knowledge of Georgian. The maximum budget is about 2000€ . When it comes to the places I’ll be staying at, they are mostly apartments I’ve found on AirBNB/Booking, except for Meghri, where I was not able to find anything, so I’ll probably have to book a hotel room there.

I’m very interested in the Armenian and Georgian languages , but I haven’t found any language-related activities except for visiting Matenadaran in Yerevan, so I’d love your input on that. I’d say my priorities for the trip are something like this: languages>architecture>food>nature>history.

I’ve found some restaurants that seem nice, but I’d like to hear your favorite places serving local/traditional food are , especially in the smaller towns.

Does anyone have experience with traveling from Akhaltsikhe to Yerevan or from Dilijan/Vanadzor to Tbilisi/Sighnaghi? Those two travel days seem the most grueling by far and I’d like to make sure that I can actually make those trips.

Also, is it just me or is renting apartments in Yerevan significantly more expensive than in Tbilisi? I’d have expected them to be similarly priced.

I’d love to hear any suggestions regarding the trip organization , as well as for language/architecture/food/nature-related daytrips or activities in any of the places listed below. I’ve found a fair amount, but I could always do with more :)

My current plan is as follows:

Kutaisi – recovering from the flight, Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, possibly Okatse Canyon


Mestia – I think a trip to Ushguli is not plausible, but hiking the nearby trails and taking the cable car seems reasonable, as well as the Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography


Batumi – the city center, the beach, the Botanical Garden


Akhaltsikhe – Rabati Castle, possibly a daytrip to Borjomi


Yerevan – the city, Megerian Museum, Matenadaran, Garni Temple, Etchmiadzin Cathedral


Meghri – old town, going for walks in the hilly areas as well as along the Aras river


Goris – Tatev Monastery, taking the Wings of Tatev


Sevan – Sevanavank Monastery, enjoying the lake


Dilijan – Matosavank Monastery, hiking in the Dilijan Reserve


Sighnaghi – exploring the old town


Telavi – I’d love suggestions on what to do here, or if it would be better to remove it entirely


Tbilisi – exploring the city, Chronicle of Georgia and the Tbilisi Reservoir, Mtatsminda, the Narikala fortress, day trips to Mtskheta and possibly to Kazbegi or Ananuri

40 days in Georgia and Armenia – advice welcome