A car worth it for Australia Work and holiday?

I am heading of to australia for 6-7 months, maybe if things go well 1,5years in October.

I didnt have time to plan it at all so far, and since im only 18 y.0 im trying to plan ahead a bit

I would like to start by earning some money in melbourne, visit the great ocean road and then head up the east coast.

The question is; is it realistic to buy and mantain a car from money i earned in say 2-2,5 months of working? Here in germany i had to pay a lot for the compulsory insurance, since i only have had my drivers licence for a year. Of course after that i will do some work too, but just enough to mantain my lifestyle.

And is it even required to have a car to travel the east coast freely? My thoughts on why i want a car is i would like to 1. Surf, and carrying a surfboard on the bus for months seems really difficult.

2. i could probably sleep in the car sometimes if i am transitioning from one place to another, and i dont have a job at that moment.

A car worth it for Australia Work and holiday?