Advice on choosing between a few possible itineraries

Hello, I am currently planning my first ever solo trip. I’m fairly well traveled across the U.S. and Canada with my family, but I’m turning 18 next spring and with that I’m planning to go visit Europe by myself.

That said, I’ve got a few options on where exactly to go. My budget is somewhat flexible and can undoubtedly afford any of these itineraries . I have possible itineraries planned within each of the countries besides Germany-Austria-Switzerland; that’s not what I need advice with. Just which would be better for me.

The options:

1. Go all out and go for 3 months: Start with 1 month in Italy, move to Croatia for 10 days, then to Montenegro for 1 week, then North Macedonia for 9 days before concluding with Greece for another month. My concern with this option is that I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S. myself, and while I think I’m prepared to handle it, 3 months seems like a long time for my first international solo trip. This is my strongly preferred option if I go for over 6 weeks.

2. Go for a month in either Italy or Greece. This would probably end up being Italy for a few reasons. I want a month to explore each of these countries fully, whether now or in the future.

3. Go to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – I know several people who have visited these 3 countries, so creating an itinerary and assessing costs here will be straightforward, and they have some connections that could prove helpful.

4. Visit the entire UK and Ireland . As an English speaking American, the lack of a language barrier is appealing, and the UK is definitely a bucket list country. I also have family who have visited here and could help with the remaining planning and things like that.

Considering the time of year , costs, and the fact that this will be my first solo trip, I’m curious what some more experienced travelers have to say. **Is 3 months too long for a first timer? Is one of my 4 options better for solo traveling?** I’m primarily interested in seeing architecture, nature, and unique cities/areas – nightlife and food could not matter less to me if that helps.

Thanks for reading!

Advice on choosing between a few possible itineraries