bedt city/town in latam for young expats?

Hello guys,

Im a 35 yo, working online from Canada

I did a couple of years in Mexico between puerto vallarta and playa del carmen

I am looking for your advices and opinions regarding relocating to a new country and im looking for the following :

– is there any similar town to playa del carmen but less sketchy? The weather was fantastic there and I liked that everything was at Walking distance and the streets were full of beautiful women from around the world everyday, but somehow lately, prices are going up madly.

– been to medellin, but went straight back to playa, as i felt medellin was missing something in terms of excitement maybe the beach ,not to mention whats being said about scopolamine, i really dont wanna be looking over my shoulder everytime im out. Most of the time i am very disciplined, gym everyday and work and good diet, but when i go out, i go pretty hard at it and it just didnt sound like a good idea there

– where do you guys feel the most satisfied overall ? Year round warm weather and safe enough to walk around alone and meet strangers and new acquaintances ?

– also, as a fitness enthusiast , which place do you think has that in its culture ?

– budget wise, i would say 3k a month

Thanks a lot

bedt city/town in latam for young expats?