Boring post about what pack for my trip (camping + hostel stays)

I feel like people find these posts so boring but here goes.

Deciding on a pack for a trip round Asia including trekking in Nepal. Mainly hostel stays but other than the trekking I’m hoping to spend a bit more time camping and on the road.

For hostel stays – it seems a big pack with a daypack that detaches would be ideal.

However it seems like most of these packs compromise and lack on what makes camping packs so useful i.e. different compartments, compression straps, a top lid, daisy chain loops on the outside and stuff for bottles and hydration reserves.

I’m really not feeling using a seperate daypack on my front as it seems impractical for hiking.

I’m looking at this – › product
Aether 65 Men’s Backpacking Pack – Heavier Loads – 2 but at 2.3kg it is rather heavy and the way it’s so padded out makes me wonder how hot and sweaty it will be in my intended destinations.

If anyone has undertaken these sorts of trips, can you advise on what you used and what worked? Thanks in advance!

Boring post about what pack for my trip (camping + hostel stays)