Canada winter work vacation question

Hey guys I was hoping for tips on applying when to apply for work in a ski resort.

I’m 26m from Australia with a few years bartending and then I.T work experience taking a career break to do a work vacation in Canada, I just received my Port of entry letter .

Since I cant actually apply now online Im wondering when the best time would be to go over to Canada and apply, since I imagine living unemployed would be fairly costly and dont want to burn my savings too quickly

If possible having staff accommodation would be perfect since Im mainly in it for the social life .

I was looking at a few companies that apparently apply for you ahead of time but they seemed a bit dodgy and had mixed reviews but I could be wrong.

At this stage Im aiming for blackcomb whistler but if there are other snow resorts with a bit of social life Id be keen to apply to those too and better my chances.

Thanks for any help guys

Canada winter work vacation question