Cities to explore mostly by foot

Hi there,

I am planning my next solo trip. I am from Germany, male, 36.

Duration should be about 1 week for Europe and 2 weeks on other continents. I will travel by plane, but I want visit and explore the city just by foot and little public transportation or cabs.

For example cities where I have been and where it was no problem to explore by foot:
New York / Paris / London – great by foot and metro
Barcelona – sightseeing is great by foot and cab or FreeNow
Dublin – so small and great, also awesome by foot

I am looking in that direction / type.

I did some research here and i saw that Edinburgh or Lissabon could fit in that type to visit mostly by foot? What are other great cities?

Also I am not that interested in visiting museums, art, exhibitions and that kind of stuff.
And I really love food, beer, bars to hang out and walking down the streets.

Thank you :)

Cities to explore mostly by foot