Diminishing return – smartphone camera vs mirrorless

Hi everyone,

I’m about to go on a 6-ish month backpacking trip from Europe to North Africa to South East Asia.

I was wondering what everyone’s opinions were on packing a Mirrorless camera vs just using your smartphone.

I have a Sony a6000, have been using it for multiple years now, and also have an iPhone 12. This will easily be the longest trip I’ve ever taken and plan on one-bagging the entire trip.

They say the best camera is the one you have on you. And I like to travel light. But the Mirrorless camera really doesn’t take up too much room.

What do y’all do when thinking of diminishing returns with modern smartphone cameras? Is it worth it brining a dedicated camera? Let me know what you guys think/do!

Diminishing return – smartphone camera vs mirrorless