Female solo travel in India – recent experiences?

I’m looking to backpack India solo for 2-3 weeks. I am a 26/F and have backpacked solo extensively around the world, so I have no concerns with solo travel in general, but do know India can be very polarising.

Just looking for recent experiences from solo females, or anyone else who can comment on how things are. I do not like tours, but keen to hear other precautions that may be good to take – e.g. are there particular transport options that are good?

I also plan on staying in hostels and really enjoy doing things with other travellers on my trips – does India have a good backpacking scene ? Happy to do things on my own, however in India in particular I imagine it would be nice to have options to do things with other people .

Lastly, any itinerary suggestions would be very welcome too.


EDIT: Ok this blew up way more than expected – thanks everyone, appreciate your comments!

Also, as an FYI, if someone asks for comments from women who have solo travelled India for their experiences, comments that are appreciated are from women who have solo travelled India. Comments from men who have travelled to India can also be helpful, if they have something to say based on what they saw for women who were there at the same time. Comments from those from India can also be helpful. Comments that just say “don’t go you’ll die” are wholly unhelpful, as are any comments from men who have never been to India but feel the need to warn me based on other comments they’ve read online .

Female solo travel in India – recent experiences?