First solo trip – Singapore, Malaysia, Bali

26M – travelling next month, in August, looking for recommendations and general information! Mainly interested in food, sightseeing, and hikes.

**Flying into Singapore and staying for 6 nights**

I know a lot of people say that 3-4 days is more than enough for Singapore, but I really want to enjoy everything. Plus I’ll likely be jet lagged pretty heavily for the first couple of days, flying from North America. Any recommendations here would be welcome.

**Flying to Kuala Lumpur and staying for 2 or 3 nights **

Planning on spending a full day or a day and a half exploring KL and then going on a day trip somewhere. Interested in doing a day trip to Cameron Highlands, If I’m only staying 2 nights in KL. If I decide to stay for 3 nights, then I’m open to suggestions as to where else I could visit in Malaysia. Looking for food/restaurant recommendations.

Also wondering if it’s worth it to book a guided tour through . Most tours require a minimum of two to book. Is it worth it to book for two people but only show up solo?

**Flying to Bali for the remainder of the trip, 12 or 13 nights**

Haven’t planned this far ahead yet, but I’m looking to stay at . Has anyone stayed here? The hostel seems new so there isn’t much information online. Otherwise, open to any other hostel recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

First solo trip – Singapore, Malaysia, Bali