First time solo traveling

Last month my job sent me to Seattle for 2 weeks. I am single so I went alone, this was my first time traveling solo, and got to explore the city a lot at my own pace. I walked when I wanted to walk, I took a cab/public transport when I felt like it, I visited the places I wanted when I wanted, I stayed in my hotel room when I didn’t feel like doing anything.

The only negative aspects was when I visited a very busy brewery I couldn’t ask a travel partner to find a place for us to sit while I was ordering, so I ended up walking around with a beer in my hand. Also, I didn’t take any pictures of myself

Overall I enjoyed it though and I want to travel solo again, as all my friends are married with kids so I don’t have anyone to acompany me anyway.

What are the tips that you can share with me in order to make my future solo trips more enjoyable?

Are there any places that are solo-traveler friendly ?

Edit: Thank you all for your answers so far, I really appreciate it. Hostels seem to be a very common theme, however I wouldn’t try it. I would not be able to sleep myself and also I snore like an old diesel engine so I don’t want to subject others to this torture.

First time solo traveling