Gap year itinerary: SEA + Australia or SEA + Central America?

Hi everyone! I’m looking for help with planning a gap year trip in which I will be taking off to this fall and plan to travel for 3-4 months.

I know for sure I want to do Southeast Asia and have planned an extensive 6-8 week itinerary for Thailand/Vietnam/Bali/Cambodia.

Right now then I’m looking for a second region to pair with this trip and am deciding between Australia and Central America.

– pros: close to SEA, would want to do road trip across the country, into camping/surfing/hiking/nature, “easier” trip after doing SEA

– cons: more expensive food/accommodation/transportation, not sure if 1-2 months is enough… I have also heard that it can be harder to socialize in hostels as a short term traveller as majority of people there are on working visas staying long term

Central America – haven’t looked too much into an itinerary but again am into beaches, surfing, nature… would want to see Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Belize, Mexico

– pros: cheaper than Australia, culture/food/beaches, large backpacking culture/infrastructure

– cons: Maybe that after a packed SEA 2 month trip it will be tiring , haven’t looked into safety as a solo female, don’t speak Spanish

Any feedback/critique/advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Gap year itinerary: SEA + Australia or SEA + Central America?