Help narrowing down my 2 week Europe trip

Hey there everybody! I’m looking for some advice from all of you awesome knowledgeable people on figuring out my itinerary. I have been bouncing between destinations and ideas but I have it currently narrowed down to 2 different trips now.

The main destination for my 2 week trip is Turkey, I would like to visit a couple of countries on my way to Turkey.

Dates 9/16/22-10/2/22

Flying TAP into Lisbon from NYC first.

My first idea was:

Lisbon- 3 nights
Prague- 3 nights
Turkey – 9 nights

I now realized my dates overlap with Oktoberfest which I feel I really want to experience!

My current idea I’m leaning towards more:

Lisbon- 2 nights
Munich- 2 nights
Prague- 2 nights
Turkey – 9 nights

I am solo traveling and I am a bit adventurous and like to go go go when I’m traveling. I don’t mind having a shorter time in each location because I know I will make the most of every hour I have available. I don’t like to just lay around and relax on my trips haha.

I see one way flights from each country are pretty affordable and I’m considering a train between Munich and Prague to experience a European railway!

What I am looking for is what are your top experiences and can’t miss items in Lisbon, Munich, and Prague. Are there tours or Airbnb experiences you recommend to see the most in a short period of time? I enjoy city tours especially bicycle tours, food tours, local experiences. Just give me your best suggestions!

I’m open to objections if you think this is way too rushed but I personally am feeling very excited for my new idea with squeezing Oktoberfest in.

Thank you all so much! This will be my first time in continental Europe! I’ve only visited Iceland so far!

Help narrowing down my 2 week Europe trip