How does my Boston itinerary look?

Hi everyone! I’m attending a wedding in Cape Cod in August and turned it into a Boston vacation. Any input on my itinerary or restaurant suggestions would be great!

Wednesday: Fly in around midnight, check into Residence Inn Boston Downton/South End

Thursday: Eat lunch in the North End, do a City Cruises Whale Tour, and then have dinner somewhere in the wharf

Friday: Visit Paul Revere’s house and the USS Constitution, maybe walk part of the freedom trail, lunch and dinner somewhere in Boston, meet up with some friends flying in to drive to the cape in the evening

Saturday: the wedding

Sunday: Spend a couple hours on the beach in the morning, eat lunch, then drive back to Boston for my 6 pm flight

Does this seem too busy? Anything I should skip or absolutely must see?

I’ve managed to book the flight and hotels using points so my budget is to spend less than $300 on everything else. Thanks!!!

How does my Boston itinerary look?