How to decide if a sabbatical is the right thing to do?

I don’t expect anyone to be able to help too much, I guess the true answer to this question is for me to find the answer to but I’m looking for some reassurance on a decision I’m considering and some advice of people who might have been in a similar position before.

I’ve worked full time as a Software Engineer since 16 , I am 27 at the minute and I bought my first house in the UK at 20. It’s been a real tough graft but I’m quite proud to say I’m at a level in my career most might be happy to achieve by 40.

In 4 weeks time my house is about to sell and I’ve not bought another one, I never went to university and have lived in a small town my whole life except for monthly stints where I solo traveled before COVID.

I initially planned to become a digital nomad, working remotely while keeping my career but now I have mentally put aside the money from my house and I have developed a frame of mind where if I quit my job & spend that money on travelling for a year then so be it .

My reasons to my family and my boss are that I have never had any prolonged time off, I’ve missed years of travel from COVID and if I commit to my current job I have to commit for 3 more years if I don’t jump now .

What’s more is I have a sick family member and I’m going to be an uncle. I’m very close with my family but I’ll probably never be economically or socially in this position ever again .

Is there ever a “right time”? I will miss some big family moments

Am I crazy for contemplating this in the current economic climate? Spending this money will not go as far today as it once did

Am I crazier for quitting a job that could potentially double my current net worth in the future? Or am I logical for choosing experiences & people over money

Appreciate any words of advice from fellow solo travellers, who may have been in a similar position to take the plunge before!

How to decide if a sabbatical is the right thing to do?