I need your Moldova recs. please!

Hi folks!

I did a search through the subreddit and didn’t find much for Moldova, so I figured I’d create a new post.

I’ll be travelling there next week, I’ll be travelling around the country for a week and then I’ll be staying on for another month to do some humanitarian work.

I’ve got a few recommendations listed already, so I’m set for bars & restaurants. I’ve got a few ideas for day trips but I’d love to hear from you if there was anything you particularly enjoyed, or would recommend avoiding.

As a note, I’m a keen hiker and love kayaking too. Sightseeing, food and drink are also holiday highlights for me.

I was hoping to get to the Emil Racovita caves but seeing how close that is to the Ukrainian border, I wasn’t sure if it was so wise. Anyone with any knowledge on that?

Finally, I’ll end my travels by taking the overnight train from Chisinau to Bucharesti anyone who has tips for booking the tickets, please let me know.

Thank you all so much in advance,

I need your Moldova recs. please!