Initial excitement worn off – any advice?

So basically, I’m thinking of how to word this properly, but my first week solo traveling was absolutely amazing. Now I’m in Portugal and I think I’ve been dealing with a form of depression. Like I’m not really experiencing joy. Even going out last night with newly made friends, I only had one beer and just wasn’t having it. When talking with people, I felt no spark, no real joy.

I’m just wondering if you guys experience this on your solo travels. It really upsets me as I came here to grow and go out of my comfort zone but now it just feels like a sort of depression/stagnation which I feel at home. I’m no longer excited to go to new cities, I’m not socially anxious or anything now but I just feel no spark, sadness.

I really, really wanted to continue to test myself and grow myself and meet amazing long term connections, and while I made some incredible connections my first week, now I just feel like I need to sort myself out before this can happen again.

It’s sad to me, really sad. I don’t want to waste this, I wish I just found what I’m seeking. I don’t know. All advice appreciated!

Edit: Wow, I truly did not expect this post to blow up the way it did. I read every single comment and super appreciate all the advice. I’m actually feeling better . I even delayed my next stop in Seville so I have more time to relax and process everything. Thank you everyone

Initial excitement worn off – any advice?