Inspire me/us again.

just spent 5 months in mexico, mix of nomading + backpacking. sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Did a loop. PDC -> CDMX -> La Huasteca -> Guajanuato -> San miguel -> Sayulita -> CDMX -> Oaxaca city -> Puerto/Coast -> San Cris -> lake atitlan -> antigua -> el mirador. had lots of fun, time of my life. scuba, partying, exploring cities, surfing, reggaeton, salsa, biking, meeting EU girls/people, rock climbing, street foods, walking cities, etc.

Now, in mallorca. It’s beautiful here but it’s hard to travel/backpack since it’s too large and cars are just pricey. Accomodation is impossible to find, just trynna find a room in a shared flat as it’s far more social and fun. I’m going to social acitvities, meeting people and it’s nice.

Now idk what to do. Barcelona is very hard to find a spot but am actively looking for a room in a shared flat but it’s hard to do, let alone with cool people. Traveling the rest of spain seems it’s all about buildings, drinks and tapas which I’m not feeling atm. Plus it’s hard to find places + expensive atm

Considering heading to greece or easter EU but idk why anymore.

a fun trip could be: turkey -> lebanon -> israel -> dahab -> SEA Asia?

interested in lots of things, adventure and experiences are higher up. looking at buildings/churches gets boring quickkk. Would love to hear some fun stories/recommendations.

Inspire me/us again.