Is 19 too young to travel solo in Europe?

I’m a 19 year old female from Australia and was wondering if I’m a little too young to go solo backpacking across Europe for a few months.

I will initially be travelling around Austria with my mum for about a month or so, then I plan to head off on my own. The idea is to stay in cheap hostels and get around mainly on trains. I’ve looked into buying a Eurail ticket too, although I’m still conflicted on whether or not it would be cheaper to just buy individual train tickets. I may have to take the odd flight here and there just to get between more seperate countries. I hope to meet fellow young travellers in hostels and I’d be down to go on free walking tours and things like that to help me find other travellers in the cities I visit. I’m also just as content in my own company and am super excited to be travelling by myself with no one else to influence my itinerary or length of the trip.

The countries I plan to travel to so far are: Austria, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, the Netherlands, and possibly Portugal and Spain.

I plan to be solo travelling between September – November, but that could be extended to January, if I still want to and can continue my trip.

I did a Rotary Youth Exchange in Austria when I was 16/17 and found my way around Europe pretty well, even without any Rotary guidance. Bear in mind I was always with at least one friend. I do still have a few contacts in Europe/Austria that I can meet up with but I will be on my own for most of the time.

I will be starting Uni in February next year and I have been itching to go travelling since covid started. So I figured now is my chance, but I hope i’m not too young to go on my own.

So yes, that’s my plan and I have just been questioning whether it’s achievable or not, and whether I’m at the right age for it. Any feedback, tips, warnings, or advice is warmly welcomed!

Is 19 too young to travel solo in Europe?