Itinerary and activity advice for Corfu?

Hey all! I recently started taking beach holidays solo instead of waiting for someone else with the same interests to come along, but I wanted some advice on my itinerary and activity recommendations. A few months ago I did a similar type of trip to Mallorca by myself, and while it was nice, it did get a bit lonely in the middle when I was just going to the beach by myself the whole day, then going back to my hotel alone at night. .

I’m going to have 8 days in Corfu so I’d like to ask for some advice on my rough itinerary! My priorities are scuba diving for 2 days, then about 5 days of beach. I can cut a couple of the beach days in half if there’s an activity for afternoon/evening. I won’t have a car so will be depending on public transport.

Day 1 — Paleokastritsa. Scuba diving during the day, then beach in the late afternoon/rest of day.

Day 2 — Scuba diving during day, then visit/hike Angelokastro in the late afternoon.

Day 3 — Porto Timoni beach, go to Sidari for hotel

Day 4 — Kayak to Kapses Islets in morning, then Kanali Tou Erota or Apotripoli beach the rest of day.

Day 5 — Kanoni beach, spend day in Kassiopi

Day 6 — Achilleion, Princess Sissi Palace, Mouse Island

Day 7 — Blue Caves boat trip from Corfu town, Paxos and Antipaxos, Voutomi beach

Day 8 — explore Corfu town, do a walking tour, flight @ night

Thank you!

Edit: if anyone has any recommendations of where to stay around where I’m going please throw them my way!

Itinerary and activity advice for Corfu?