Last Minute Machu Picchu Trip – Advice Please :)

Hi all,

I’m planning a trip to MP next month and would love to hear your thoughts on my plan.

Will be staying in Cusco for a bit, planning to take the train to Aguas Callientes and then buy a bus ticket on the fly with a pre-paid entry ticket booked online for 2-3pm to enter MP. Then will plan to stay in AC overnight and wake up early the next morning to enter MP for sunrise with a pre-paid online ticket as well :) Will likely hire a guide at the MP entrance also.


– Which circuit do you recommend? Sadly Wayanapicchu is sold out but there is Huychuypicchu which I plan to do for at least one of the MP visits.

– I am a photographer and like to do my best to avoid crowds. Is there a day of the week anyone would recommend to avoid crowds? Looking at the availability of tickets online, it appears that the number of available tickets are not drastically different whether it’s a weekday or weekend.


Last Minute Machu Picchu Trip – Advice Please :)