Making Peace With Solo Travel (Optimism!)

Hello everyone – hope this week is going well

A few years ago, there was an intense discussion on this subreddit relating to loneliness / the difficulties of solo travel. I came in on a strong angle and highlighted the problems of solo travel, especially loneliness.

I got a comment that took offense at what I said as he was about to embark on his first solo trip. Being online and all that, I got defensive. But I kinda wish I could go back, and tell him, that despite any flaws with solo travel: ‘you can, and probably will, have a great time’

Despite all the problems I listed, especially loneliness, I do not regret my solo travel. I went to London! Okay, I’m team Paris but London’s quite fun. I visited the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, V&A… a history buff’s delight. My only regret is not doing a day trip to say, Bath or Oxford.

Yes, I got quite lonely. But I dealt with it. If anything, being alone made me more approachable. There was a wonderful encounter in a Shake Shack where I sat with a lone table… until a man from Minnesota rocked up with his six friends and we spent the night chatting and making jokes. It was amazing!

Anyway, my point is: solo travel may have its difficulties, but I firmly believe it’s worth it . I look back at London with good memories and I’m planning future trips to Europe, The Middle East & Asia.

I really hope that user had a great trip, wherever it was. I’m optimistic about solo travel in general and even if you get lonely, you can still have a wonderful trip with great memories.

Just my five cents.

Making Peace With Solo Travel (Optimism!)