My complete SG/ML itinerary (Jul – Aug) + some questions

Hello fellow travelers!

First of all, thank you so much for giving me such valuable tips & recommendations. I wouldn’t have managed to come this far without your help :D

I’ve been to major tourist attractions in ML, and I’d like to make this trip filled with what I truly love – culture and nature!I would be very grateful if you could *rate* my trip’s viability & let me know any noteworthy places I’ve missed.


Jul 21th: Arrive at Changi airport, head to Pulau Ubin on daybreak

Jul 22th: Visit Southern Ridges & Singapore Botanic Garden

Jul 23th: Hike along Upper Pierce reservoir trail & Bukit Timah. Jurong Lake Gardens.

Jul 24th: Singapore -> Johor Bahru

Jul 25th – Aug 7th: WWOOF near JB, head to Melaka on the last day

Aug 7th – 9th: visit Klebang Beach, museums, and historical sites. Head to KL on the last day

Aug 9th – 10th: travel around KL

Aug 11th: take a bus to Cameron Highlands

Aug 12th: hike around Cameron Highlands

Aug 13th: visit Ipoh

Aug 14th: head back to KL

Aug 15th: visit Subang Jaya to indulge myself in nostalgia :P

Aug 16th: *empty in case of change in plans*

Aug 17th: head back to Singapore

<Questions that I tried to find answer for DAYS>

1. I saw that it was possible to camp in Pulau Ubin with a permit, but I’m uneligible as I don’t have a residence in SG. Is there any way to participate in camping as a foreigner?
2. I tried to buy some film rolls in Korea, but they’re way too expensive here – color film rolls are 18 SGD/60 MYR at minimum. Is the situation in SG/ML any better? Can I buy film rolls offline?
3. I’m going to send some postcards home if time permits. I’m okay with labels, but my inner philatelist is keep whispering to me about * REAL postage stamps*. Is it possible to purchase postage stamps in post offices in major cities?

Thank you for reading such a lengthy post! I wish you a fun and safe journey too :D

My complete SG/ML itinerary (Jul – Aug) + some questions