My first solo travel expirience

I wanted to visit a slightly bigger music festival for some time, but I don’t have any friends who listen to that kind of music. So one day I was like f*** it, and I bought a ticket for r/umf in Split, Croatia. I knew I couldn’t change my mind after, because the ticket was not refundable, that was a way to force myself to go solo, which is a good thing because I had doubts here and there. I made a post in r/umf, looking for a roommate in an apartment, and some people suggested that I should look at a hostel because it’s cheaper and a good way to meet new people, so I booked a hostel, I had a bit of anxiety to be with so many people who are most likely already grouped up but it was way cheaper than any other accommodation.

So the day of my trip came.
I took a bus from my country to Croatia in the morning and checked in to the hostel in the afternoon. I was still kinda stressed out and anxious about everything, and was so confused what to do now. A few people wanted to start a conversation with me at the hostel, but I wasn’t in my element. So I went through the city alone and it felt so forced and weird. The time of the festival came and I went alone. Everyone at the entrance was already grouped up and it felt weird to be there. But after I came in and the music started everything was forgotten, my mind just went offline and had an amazing time.

The next day I felt a little more like myself and had some nice small talk with my roommates, very nice people overall. I met up with a guy I met at the subreddit. He already found some friends and we went together.

The last day came, and I was getting really comfortable with myself alone and wasn’t scared anymore to start a conversation, because everyone just wants to have a good time. I went to the city with a roommate who is traveling europe solo and after that to the beach with another roommate, and we had like a 1 hour deep conversation. Sometimes you just meet the most amazing people, when you expect it the least. The night out at the festival was also phenomenal.

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life, I will definitely travel solo again. I hope this post isn’t too long or boring to read, but I just wanted to share my experience, and maybe even change the mind of someone who has doubts, it’s okay to be scared at first, but the expirience alone worth it in the end.

Im writing this from another account, because I want to be anonymous.

My first solo travel expirience