Need advice on where to go this winter

Hi there!

I’m going on a solo trip this winter. The length is up in the air because it’ll depend on how long the country’s tourist visa is, but I definitely want to be away for January 2023.

I can’t decide where to go. I want somewhere warm cuz I’m not leaving Canadian winter to go somewhere else cold. I’d also like to travel on a budget, so nowhere expensive.

This is what I’m hoping for my trip to look like:

* Walk to the beach and swim every morning. An ocean is preferred as I’ve never been, but I’m okay with a lake or whatever.
* Good food
* Places where I can finish writing my novel outside, like cafes or random outdoor spaces with benches idk.
* I like art galleries and markets and museums etc.
* Nightlife is not a priority because I’m going away to relax and work on my book after a stressful few months.

I originally had my sights on Mexico. I’m still open to going there, but I just read that it’s up to the immigration official how many days they want to give on the tourist visa, and travellers are regularly being given 40-day visas even though the tourist visa is 180 days. I don’t really like the idea of having to deal with extending the visa, and I also don’t understand how I’m supposed to plan without having prior knowledge of how long I can stay in the country.


* If anyone knows firsthand about the *current* tourist visa situation in Mexico, I’d love to know.
* I’d love suggestions on where to go in Mexico.
* Or suggestions of cities/countries that aren’t Mexico that fit what I’m looking for.

Please let me know if you need more info, cuz my brain is all over the place right now <3

Need advice on where to go this winter