Need help picking final cities – Central/Western Europe

Hello :) I’m trying to decide how many days to spend in each city and I’m currently considering the schedule below.

I would love any insight or opinions people have on how long to stay in one city versus another, particularly for Vienna, Prague and Brussels. I think I may need to cut one of them in order to have a bit more breathing time.

For context, I love architecture, museums, walking and discovering shops/bookstores, experiencing nightlife and live music when I travel. Based on that, would you recommend one of these cities over the other?

Lastly, I don’t think these facts are super relevant, but for what it’s worth: I’ve been to Europe before and am comfortable navigating on my own and I also speak decent French.


Budapest – 2.5 days half day due to travel to next stop)

Vienna – 1.5 days

Prague – 1.5 days

Berlin – 3 days

Brussels – 1.5 days

Need help picking final cities – Central/Western Europe