No friends so stuck on solo travel? Solo is worse?

Not specifically no friends but nobody you can get to travel with?

Having finished uni a while back my social life plummeted. Plus many guys my age now even married or have kids or partners etc.

I’ve been forced to solo travel. I say forced but also picky in what friends I’d travel with to so not gonna invite everyone.

Now without much experience being with friends I’d say that it would be better.


Whenever I met people at hostel i really got on well with in hostel and we done things together it’s been more fun. Eg. Go to beach in a group. Go for tour, check a castle etc then go to lunch.

It’s more fun with others to talk to, eat with, drink with etc.

But you say if you can meet people why need friends?

Well often you don’t meet people or you meet people you don’t get on that well with.

Also it can be hard work and lots of luck to always trying to meet new people. And if they not solo but with others harder to connect to at times.

Overall I think I’d rather have a friend or 2 to travel with but I don’t think I ever will as I’m too old unless a partner but seems unlikely to now.

For those who have done a lot which do you prefer.

I guess another benefit of solo is possibilities you meet more new cool people. With friends easy to stick to your own group.

No friends so stuck on solo travel? Solo is worse?