Not socializing a lot in hostels and feeling bad

I have been travelling since the 30th of may and stayed most of the time in hostels in Bulgaria.

Now I am in Turkey in a female only room and I stayed in mixed dorms as well.

Honestly i got the vibe that people stay in hostels just to sleep and shower and sometimes they come in groups already or couples but won’t socialize a lot.

I went to the common room in a hostel in Sofia and talked to people a bit, also chatted with roommates quickly and casually talked about the quality of the stay but def no one asked me to hang out.

People mind their own business or leave early in the morning or stay very shortly, it was my experience in Lisbon as well .

I met a cute guy in Sofia and he told me i was welcome to join their drinking group at dinner time and I joined later because I was sick , I did and I talked to a few people then everyoje moved on.

I switched Ig with one guy and he gave me advice for Istanbul as he lived there for Erasmus but nothing much.

I feel bad because I see everyone joking around or in groups chilling and I am always alone, I was also a loner at home but living abroad last year helped a lot.

Mixed hostels feel noisy and chaotic and it was difficult for me to rest in Sofia but everyone talks about making friends or hooking up in hostels, I was awake all night by people walking around, smoking, two drunk people having random sex, I am sure the cutw guy and another girl were either hooking up or a couple.

Not socializing a lot in hostels and feeling bad